consent is more than netflix and chill

Netflix and Chill is not Consent

Consent is more than Netflix and Chill! What constitutes consent? I'm hoping it's more than Netf ...

clitoral toys

I am your clitoral toy

Clitoral Toy. Clitoral Toy. I am a clitoral toy and stimulator! I am going to provide you with a ...

Condoms 101

Condoms 101

Condoms 101 Using condoms can be sexy! It’s all about your attitude and how you choose to put them ...

PC Muscles

How do I find my PC Muscles?

How do I find my PC muscles and why is it important? The pubococcygeus muscles are also known as th ...

how long should sex take

How long should sex take?

How long should sex take? I'm often asked 'How long should sex take?' Oy! How long is a piece of ...

How do I know if I've had an Orgasm

How do I know about Orgasm?

How do I know if I've had an Orgasm? During consultations over the past year and as a result of the ...

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