We got tired of the same old, so we’ve changed it!

We now only offer the most EXCLUSIVE party in town.

Lola Montez has always been known for its premier service and whilst many have entered into the party market over the years, not many have the quality of product and service available from Lola Montez. Instead of offering you a generic one size fits all party, you get to choose your very own Bespoke Party.

How it works:

  • You get to choose your very own theme and entertainment.
  • It costs R3000.00 regardless of your choice.
  • Each Party includes the invitations and toy demonstration. There is no sales target required. The emphasis is on ENTERTAINMENT and EDUCATION.
  • We only accept 3 Bookings per Month, so you can be assured of the very best in entertainment and education.

Bespoke Parties are all about YOU!Each

Some ideas we’ve shared:

Leather and Lace –

The art of sensual play

Bride’s Guide to Honeymoon Heaven

Lessons from 50 Shades

Bringing YOUR sexy back

Say Aah – A beginner’s guide to Oral Sex

Sensual Dance and the Art of Seduction

All presentations are accompanied with a toy presentation and a pop up shop. 


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