Pamper yourself this Valentine’s Day

Pamper yourself this Valentine’s Day

valentine dayPamper yourself this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and it seems to me that it was just yesterday that I was giving advice on what to do for it last year, and now its back.

It’s the day we all say isn’t important and we do so because we know we are going to be disappointed with the outcome. Let’s face it not many of us are that romantic. We don’t really know what to do and if we go ahead and purchase the roses and book the fancy restaurant for the 14th, it starts to break the already stretched budget.

Every year my partner and I say we will not do the romance on the 14th, to skip the overpricing and will select another day to celebrate but I’m still waiting. We have about 16 days to catch up!

My head knows it’s just a commercialised day to make us retailers smile. But deep down I really want the roses and chocolate, and couples massage, and champagne, and diamonds and hearts! Am I going to get it – not unless I do it myself. And therein lies the answer.

This Valentine’s Day, this sister is going to do it for herself! I am going to do some gentle loving. I may skip the roses and buy shoes although my heart knows that only red roses will do.

I know it feels a bit like that pimply teenager who just knows that she is going to be the only one not to get the teddy and card on Valentine’s Day, so you get it for yourself and spend all week wondering who your secret admirer is. Pathetic I know, but even I strive to be the popular girl once.

Every now and then she lurks around a corner and I pretty horrified to see her but maybe I should allow her out on Valentine’s Day.

I’m going to book a hair appointment, manicure and pedicure. Granted I will have to have at least 3 tequilas to deal with all that touching. Then I am going to go out for lunch. I know exactly which restaurant. I have hinted about going there for months and nothing has happened, so I’m going on my own. I am going to try something new to eat, not my usually safe options.

I will flirt if the opportunity makes itself available. I will not read a book at the table, or go onto Facebook on my phone. I will be present in the moment. I might even buy a big bunch of roses (separate from those aforementioned) and hand them out to women and men who like me are hoping for the grand gestures.

I am going to wear my sexiest lingerie. I lie, that would require an additional shop, but I won’t wear my old comfy, lie around at home panties, after all, after all that self loving my partner will need to be appreciated when he gets home from work.

I am going to buy him a ring, a penis ring to be specific. One that vibrates that will give me pleasure because hasn’t Valentine’s Day always been celebrated with the giving and receiving of rings?

I will buy all the groceries for my favourite meal- rare fillet encrusted with peppercorns, garlic mash, asparagus and a red wine sauce. My partner will cook it wearing the ring I have given him, and an apron, we don’t want any injuries.

I will watch.

We will have dinner by candlelight at the dining room table, set with my best cutlery and crockery. The meal will last, the conversation will be delightful and interesting. I will have my favourite playlist that includes a significant amount of Bowie playing in the background.

We will not talk about our finances or the children or what needs to be repaired around the house.

And then I’m going to bed to watch TV. The perfect day.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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