Outdoor Sex

Outdoor Sex

Outdoor Sex:-

Outdoor sex may be important. If your sex life has started to feel like routine, it may be time to take it outside. We all know that a change is as good as a holiday.

I’m an early riser and I can feel a change in season coming. I’m not a huge fan of winter so if you’re planning to use the outdoors for sex you’ve only got a couple of weeks left.

Having sex ‘al fresco” can awaken the senses.  Feeling the breeze on your skin, smelling the freshly cut grass – stimuli can all be very erotic, plus the feeling of getting caught can be very sexy.

To inspire you we have compiled some tips on the very refreshing act and the best positions for  OUTDOOR sex!

Your home turf is a great place to experiment, try the back garden behind the fence or bushes.

It offers all the outdoor sensory benefits with the added sense of privacy.  If the possibility of getting caught is part of the attraction you can play while the children are home.

Choose your spot, make sure there are no stones or rocks where you want to play. You can use a blanket or not. Try the reverse cowgirl position with this one.  Get him to sit on the grass or blanket or a have him sit on a lounge or lawn chair with his legs outstretched, then straddle him so you’re facing his feet. Place your hands on his thighs and plant your feet on the ground on either side of the chair. Then move up and down to stimulate the sensitive nerves at the opening of your vagina.

Another option: Have him recline so he’s lying down, which allows for even deeper penetration.

We’ve all had a beach fantasy.

It seems so romantic but it can be a messy affair so make sure you have a big blanket to keep the sand at bay.

I can tell you from personal experience that the sand gets in everywhere and isn’t always comfortable.

Breathing in the salty air and hearing the waves crashing can be very seductive. Scope out a secluded piece of shoreline shielded by rocks. Girl on top is a great position for this. Straddle him and dig your knees slightly into the blanket-covered sand (this allows for deeper penetration and better traction). Rather than move up and down, stay close together and rub your clitoris against his pubic bone.

When you sense that he’s on the brink of climax, switch to a figure-eight motion, which will help delay his finish and stimulate a different set of nerve endings inside you.

In the water whether it’s a pool, jacuzzi, dam or river – Getting wet can be pretty wild.

Being immersed in water, or standing in a stream of it, feels pleasurable, since your skin can become more sensitive to touch when wet, but water can wash away your own lubrication, so use a silicone-based lube. Try Pjur Original Bodyglide

Stand up and wrap your legs around his waist (if you’re in the shower, have him lean you up against the wall for support) and push your swimsuit bottom to the side for easy access. Then throw your arms around his neck while he grabs your butt to control the pace.

Next time you’re hiking or mountain biking with your partner, stop and work up a different kind of sweat.

There’s something incredibly raw and primal about having sex in nature—and this can evoke your sense of adventure. Doggy style is the best position for this.  Lean on a big rock or a tree for support while he enters you from behind. His hands can stroke your other hot spots, and you can arch your back for deeper penetration.

Boat Sex – What’s more intimate than having sex in the middle of a large stretch of water out in the middle of nowhere?

Being in a boat can feel like the two of you are stranded on a secluded island, which is a fantasy for a lot of people. Spooning is the key here, lie on your back while he lies on his side facing you. Put your leg (the one closest to him) across his thighs and turn so your butt faces him while he enters you from behind.

Move slowly and rhythmically together so you don’t rock the boat. It reminds me of having sex at the drive in, a pleasure that the millennials could not experience until recently.


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