Who We Are

Approximately 14 years ago, Sharon Gordon introduced a new way of looking at the adult industry. Inspired by the 19th Century Courtesan Madame Lola Montez, recreated the art of great loving.

For years we brought sex and sensuality to mainstream retail, with the comfort of our clients and education being primary to the shopping experience. In January 2017, Lola Montez closed its retails outlet (for more on why you can read Sharon’s Blog – End of an Era!

Sharon believes that the future is digital disruption and Lola Montez will be the industry leader in online shopping. The shopping experience online whilst still daunting for many is a safe, comfortable and sensual experience for purchasing intimate items. And if you are overwhelmed you can always interact with us online, email or call our contact hot lone 0861 LOLAMO.

Through our online presence and social media we continue to encourage learning, education, fun and relationship solutions. During the years Lola Montez has worked very hard to legitimize the adult industry and normalize sex. Our dream team ensures that every experience is professional, comfortable, educational and fun.

We are committed:

  • To being a leader in the adult retail industry.
  • To bring you the latest and greatest products and services.
  • To ensure that clients are always receive a professional, discreet and educated service.

Attend one of our events, parties, workshops or brows around the website for the sexiest shopping experience. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter or read Sharon's Blog for updates, tips and techniques.

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