Orgasms – Part 1

Orgasms – Part 1

Orgasms – the good, the bad and the great!

Let’s talk about orgasms!

At Lola Montez we are often asked about not being able to orgasm. It is estimated that approximately 30% of women will NEVER orgasm. Just imagine that for a second – Never orgasm! How ghastly!

What’s important to know is that just because you aren’t having orgasms, and even if you’ve never had an orgasm, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t have an orgasm.

There are many reasons why you may believe you can’t orgasm. There are many sexual acts that don’t involve orgasms. But if you’re goal is to orgasm, read on.

Start with the following questions:

Have you ever had an orgasm (this includes an orgasm from masturbation)?

Do you masturbate with any regularity?

Do you think you’d know an orgasm if you had one?

The first is important because many who have never had an orgasm simply need the right information, encouragement and permission. Remember girls are not encouraged to explore their genitals, and in comparison to boys, very few will masturbate.

If you’ve already had orgasms and now find you can’t orgasm, it’s probably not something as straightforward as knowing where to touch yourself and how.

The second is important because if you aren’t having orgasms, it’s much easier to learn through masturbation than with a partner. If you aren’t comfortable with masturbation it can make the process more difficult. Half your problem could be getting comfortable with your own body. Explore your sweet spots by yourself and even introduce a sex toy into the mix. This will usually persuade you that you are not broken!

I attended a Brunch with Dr Ruth who openly spoke to a very conservative community about the benefits of masturbation and understanding your orgasm.

With regards to the next question, if you don’t know whether you’ve had an orgasm or not then chances are you haven’t – so keep reading – Orgasms PART 2.

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