Oral Sex Master Class

In the oral sex master class download we share tips and techniques on how to give the perfect blow job.

The Lola Montez manual was written especially for you. It is easy to read with simple instructions

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When Sharon Gordon aka @SASexpert gives talks to groups of women this is the one subject that always gets a lot of attention.

At our Ladies Night on the subject, tickets are sold out the day they go on sale. The information contained in this Master Class has been compiled from all the research in preparation.

Lola Montez is always about equal opportunities – and there is no reason why women shouldn’t be experiencing fantastic mind blowing pleasure and I believe that oral sex is a team game.

Young girls think it is all about giving the best blow job and when I ask what they are getting in return they seem confused – as if it is not not something they have ever considered. My view is that is you are going to give oral pleasure make sure you have received it first.

Novel idea I know! Because we are a sex toy retailer we would be remiss if we didn’t tell you about Lelo Ora from Lelo – Oh my greatness, the roller ball simulates a tongue – check it out before you leave the page.

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