Open Letter to the Trans Community

Open Letter to the Trans Community

Open Letter to the Trans Community

I have enormous compassion for the situation a Transgender person finds themselves in. It must be very challenging to find yourself as a gender you would rather not identify with, but it is your journey and your challenge.

Most stories I have read or persons I have met who consider themselves to be the wrong gender are men who feel that they should be and want to be women. This dilemma has received more press this year than almost any other and I have to wonder whether there would be so much hullabaloo about it if it was the other way around?

As a woman, born and raised as one, with breasts, a vagina and womb, having faced discrimination for being a woman I am slightly put out that a transgender person is now trying to impose rights on mine!

I am offended that Caitlyn Jenner was awarded Woman of the Year. So now women not only have to compete with women for awards, they have to compete with ‘want to desperately be a woman who still has a penis!’

I know that you really REALLY want to be a woman but the reality is that you will never have the full woman experience and trust me you should be grateful for it!

Being born into a man’s body has given you rights and privileges that as a woman I have never had. These are rights you barely even think about.

I know that I am generalizing and that I am going to upset more than one but I believe it has to be said. I recently read an article that has asked us to stop using the pronouns ‘he’ and ‘she’ and to rather use the gender neutral ‘ze’. This for me was the final straw!

I don’t know how big the percentage of Transgender people there are in the general population, let’s be generous and say 10%. Now I must call 90% of the population who have no gender issues ‘ze’, so as not to upset your sensitivities! And let me remind you most of that 10% are –Born men!

Women have even been asked to be gender sensitive when referring to menstruation! So now as someone who has been considered dirty and impure, being treated as someone with a disease because my body sheds its uterus lining once a month, I have to be sensitive because you can’t!

Has anyone asked men to be gender sensitive by wet dreams and erections?

I must not refer to womanhood because you can’t! I find it insulting. Nobody is asking men to be gender sensitive about masculinity, chest hair or beard shaving!

Am I the only one seeing this invasion on womanhood as another form of discrimination that will essentially be for the benefit of men, even if they want to be women.

There is a huge drive for genderless toilets because Transgender people feel threatened when they go into Men’s toilets. So now all other women have to put up with the inconvenience of genderless toilets to protect you from fear! If you understood women you would know that they would rather burst than let a man hear us pee or take a crap! And that fear you feel, we feel it walking down the street, sitting in a taxi or even in our own homes. That’s what it means to be a woman!

Then there is the way you behave and how you dress. Most choose the blond bimbo look. The stereotype, short skirts, too high heels, big boobs, far too much jewellery and all the drama of your life! Yes there are some women who look and behave like that but newsflash, most of us don’t. That view of women is essentially male and it’s insulting!

To understand womanhood you need to know that from the day you are born you will be treated like a second class citizen, who should cook, clean and pander to a man. You must be denied the best meat cuts so the ‘men’ can be fed, even if you bought it, cooked it and will clean up afterwards.

You will have to work 100 times harder than any man to get any recognition and please automatically take a 36% pay cut for the same job you have now just because you are now a woman!

Let’s talk about the body part that women don’t have. The body part that plays such a big role in ego and power. The part that rapes women and makes us believe that men are superior just because men have one. The penis! Do you have one? Even if you don’t like it, I can tell you that you have a better relationship with your penis than most women have with their vagina.

I have never felt the power and pleasure of an erection and never will. If you are committed to being a woman, stopping testosterone production and increasing oestrogen is not really enough. You have to get rid of the ultimate male symbol, the penis! Only then can we start to talk.

Women have fought long and hard for their rights to be respected as equals. We have gone to extreme lengths to vote, participate in civil society, to be taken seriously and to be proud of womanhood and now you, born into a man’s body are asking me, born into a woman’s body to be gender sensitive and to make place for you in my hard earned place in the world. I’m happy for you to find a place. I will support it and respect it but not at my expense.

You want me to take you seriously and treat you will sensitivity? Gladly but grow a vagina, behave like a woman with dignity, stop bitching and suck it up, like woman have for thousands of years.


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