Nether Bits Tired?

Nether Bits Tired?

Nether bits tired_Nether Bits Tired, maybe you need some Labia Rejuvenation?

How many vaginas have you seen? It’s not like we can ask the woman next to you to show you hers? So how do you know if your kit is ‘normal?

Have you ever looked?

Were you delighted or horrified and then whose bits did you compare her to? Jessica Drake?

If you don’t like the look of yours or if you feel your nether bits are tired looking, did you know that you can have Labia Rejuvenation?

No, me neither!

I was at a perfectly boring fund raising tea when the guest speaker stood up and spoke about how to spruce up your nether bits. I looked around and everyone was as shocked as me, but what fun. I knew that you could have surgery to make your labia smaller if they are uncomfortably large but rejuvenated is new.

It is a non-invasive procedure. The machine used is called ‘Safyre’. I went to see how it worked, purely for research! The machine looks like any other a salon would use on your face. The probe is not inserted and is heated to 42 degrees C. It is rubbed on the outer and inner labia. Don’t panic, it is covered by a condom. The therapist monitors the temperature with a thermometer that looks like a Barcode reader.  Heating the area gives you a controlled injury which stimulates your fibro blast cells, important for stimulating collagen.

The effect is a firming and plumping of the skin, making your labia look smaller and rosier. Now I have never had a complex about my genitals but I’m told that many women are very insecure about how they look in the genital area. If you are one of these then this is definitely for you. This treatment is more than low self esteem.

It helps if you suffer from incontinence. Combine this labia rejuvenation with Benwa Balls and your vagina will be snappy and happy.  This procedure will also help make your genitals more sensitive, improving your sex life and I’m all for that.

Collagen takes about 3 months to form again, which means you will need a minimum of 6 sessions to really see the difference and then maintenance for a couple of months after. Madeleine and Chrissie from Canvas Aesthetics in Benoni, are the therapists who will deal with your labia in the most professional way. It is very hard to be dignified with your vagina in someone else’s face but they seem to really get it right.

They both say that labia rejuvenation is becoming increasingly popular especially after women have had bikini and Brazilian treatments.

I think that we are so insecure about so many bits of our body that the labia should not be one of them.

Nobody walked into a bar and said ‘Look at her large labia!’

But if it is, then you should really consider this treatment. I would consider it purely because it increases sensitivity.

So I ask you again – Are your nether bits tired? If you are ill, have cancer, diabetes, are nursing or pregnant you cannot have the treatment. I have the number if you’re interested!



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