Are Women Celebrated!

Are Women Celebrated!

Are women celebrated?The Month WOMENare 'celebrated'!

Woman’s Month, the month we allegedly revere and celebrate women. Well I don’t know about you but I worked my tush off on Woman’s Day.

 I was wondering why in the 21st Century we are still required to make a song and dance about it?

What has this got to do with sex, I hear you collectively sigh. Well I’m going to tell you.

Sex is a fundamental human act that perpetuates the human race. It is STILL the thing we feel incredibly awkward speaking about and women are still the most repressed and judged.

I remember many people’s reaction to Demi Moore appearing very pregnant on Vanity Fair Cover about a hundred years ago. My mother was horrified that a woman would flaunt her ‘condition’. As if being pregnant was something to be ashamed about. Well it was confirmation that she had sex!

The same reaction was heard from many when Serena Williams appeared heavily pregnant on the cover of the same magazine this past month. I even heard someone my mother’s age say it was disgusting. I was wondering if they photoshopped her stretch marks!

Serena also wrote an article about how much less black women get paid versus their white counterparts. This followed shortly after the BBC was forced to reveal how much they paid their top earners. I stand to be corrected but the first woman was number 9 and she earned hundreds of thousands of pounds less than number 8 and did several more shows.

Now let me ask you this – the worst swear words you can think of, are they all female genitals or slang versions of it? Menstruation is it shameful, dirty, should be hidden or teased about? Have you ever said “oh pay no attention, she’s having her period!’ Or “are you premenstrual, you’re being such a bitch!”

Have you called a woman who has enjoyed sex or has had sex with more than one man a slut or a whore? Have you commented that a woman who made her way to the top – slept her way there?

And then you think that women’s rights have nothing to do with dysfunctional sex?

Women are required to have sex on demand, it’s their duty! Women don’t feel the same way about sex as men. Men need to have sex so they can have affairs. Women who need to have sex are nymphomaniacs.

And then let’s talk about the business of sex. Prostitution is criminalised but who goes to jail or is fined? The woman! The John gets sent home scot free.

In almost every county in the world men are allowed to sell their semen, the collection process required little more than a magazine or 2 seconds of a porn movie. Nowhere in the world (that I could find) may a woman sell her eggs, she may only donate them! The process required extremely painful surgical procedure. Have you ever wondered why?

A woman may not charge to be a surrogate, a 9 month incubation and extremely uncomfortable process. Why?

She may not, in very many countries, choose to have an abortion, even if she has been raped. Thankfully this county does not fall into that category. Unfortunately any US Aid to assist third world countries with abortion has now dried up thanks to the Trump administration. So a poor woman, in a poor country is forced to carry to term to watch her child starve or worse.

I was on the Gautrain this week and overheard an arrogant boar, tell a woman, who he had followed on the train, how she should have sex with him, and because he was a man of God, it would be up to God if a child would be conceived or not. Easy for him to say when he gets off the train and disappears leaving her holding the baby!

If a woman decides it is in the children’s best interests to be in the custody of their father, they are considered bad mothers and are talked about in the words we use for female genitals!

I heard a woman taunt a man the other day, with the words ‘Oh don’t be such a girl!’ I asked her what she meant and she told me that he had done something stupid. Really? I asked her why she didn’t rather refer to him as a limp dick? Far more appropriate! They were both horrified.

The humiliation and subjugation of women and sex runs so deeply in societies that I think it is going to take another 1000 years to change it, unless we question and ask why and stop allowing others to make laws, conventions and taboos about the female body, in particular our genitals.

I recently commented on a social media post about menstruation ‘PMS is a myth, I’m always a Bitch!’ Huge offence was taken by a man! How can a woman, a leader of women call herself and be proud of being a bitch?

The menstrual health community is trying very hard to educate that being pre menstrual should not be used as an excuse or as a reason to be dismissive of women’s feeling. Tell me again why the role of women and sex are not related? So are women celebrated?

To you Sir – You say I’m a bitch like it’s a bad thing!

Happy Woman’s Month – don’t forget to comment


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