The Month to let Cupid’s Arrow fly.

The Month to let Cupid’s Arrow fly.

It’s time to talk about Cupid’s Arrow. February has arrived and it would seem from the posts on Social Media that there are many anti Valentiners out there. I have one thing to say to you, in my very best South African accent – Shame!

This is the one month of the year when we are allowed to be unashamedly romantic. We can buy flowers and chocolates. We can tie ourselves up in red ribbon, also called a naughty knot, and expect to be rewarded.

Maybe you don’t have a partner who will spoil you, or maybe your partner is just an emotional retard, but that shouldn’t stop you spoiling yourself. The greatest and most rewarding relationship you will have is the one you have with yourself and yet most of us treat our health with such disregard. We eat badly, exercise little and put sex so far down our list of priorities that our relationship suffers.

So this February, this month of passion, decide to live beautifully and sensually for the whole month with or without a partner.

This February is special in so many ways, it’s a leap year for a start and that means that us Gals can take charge. Not that we don’t but this year we can do it without making you think it was his idea. I don’t know where it comes from but it acceptable for a woman to ask a man to marry her. I might not go that far, but maybe you could ask the secret crush out for a drink.

This February also has four Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. So what, you might say – Well it’s not going to happen again for another 823 Years, so it has to be special, right?

It also gives retailers an extra day of trading, which in this present economy is most welcome. Which brings me to the biggest objection to Valentine’s Day, its commercialized rubbish, retailers just out to make a fast buck.

So what? If spending a couple of Rand makes the retailer stay open and the gift you bought gives you miles of smiles and the opportunity to have great sex, do you really want to mess with that and nobody said you had to spend money. You can make something, cook a special meal, take over a chore or two, no shop required.

You don’t have to spend a ‘leg and an arm’ although a big spend would be appreciated. Whatever you are going to do will mean so much more if you simply think it through.

Flowers and chocolates, whilst always welcome, except after a fight, are so pedestrian. Why not think out of the chocolate box for once. Get a little naughtier, a bit more adventurous. Who knows it may just ignite some passion in your relationship. Chocolate body paint or Lust Dust are great spins on traditional gifts!

I know someone who says, ‘If you are bored, you are boring!’ and I know many of us fall into this category.  I think Passion Month is more than igniting your relationship. I think it’s about igniting your own passion for life and it doesn’t have to be huge.

Do something completely different. When last did you read something other than your news feed on Facebook? Make it an erotic read! Who knows you may learn a new technique. There is a reason why ‘Grey’ made it to the best sellers list last year. On a side note it is far better written that the original 50 Shades of Grey trilogy.

Cook a new meal. Your family is probably deathly tired of Cottage Pie. If you live by yourself, skip the ready made microwave meal. Cook something yummy, set the table, cue the music, dim the lights and enjoy it. This is what being passionate is all about. I find myself living in one room in my house. On my quest to live beautifully I now have my morning coffee on the Patio or in a different room in the house.

We have lost the art of living beautifully and it shows in the way we treat ourselves and those around us. We have no respect, no etiquette, no manners and no romance in our lives, most of the time we are slobs and lazy lovers. It’s time to change all of that, if only for the month of February.

I remember having to spend myself a Valentine’s Day Card when I was at school. It was awful! I also remember being sent a small silk pouch with a charm in it and a very sweet message. It was wonderful!

So instead of being a Passion Month naysayer, why not make everyone in your life a little card and wish them a wonderfully sexy and sensual Passion Month and Valentine’s Day. Invite them to make this month one of self love and passion. It doesn’t have to cost anything. But the reward and the way you make that person feel will be priceless.

Those who know me will tell you that I don’t have a romantic bone in my body. It’s a lie! I would love my partner to be mushy – just once.

So go ahead, support #NationalPassionMonth and your friendly retailer.

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