Memory Lane Romantic Date

Memory Lane Romantic Date

Memory Lane – Romantic Date


Memory Lane is different for all of us. Do you remember when you were a kid and you asked your parents to retell you your favourite story over and over again. The purpose of this romantic date is to remind you how special you are as a couple. If you can’t remember maybe interview couples whom you admire who’ve been together a long time.
Ask them to take you down memory lane and talk about the early days of their courtship. What they did for fun, where they went or what songs were popular when they were dating. Chances are they will tell you amazing things and you may even rekindle some romance in their lives.
Invite them to double date with you. Make sure you go somewhere appropriate. A loud nightclub won’t work!
When you walk down memory lane you look at old photos, ask them what they think the secret to happiness and a long lasting relationship. I find it quite sad that we no longer have printed photos, but store everything in the cloud. To remind yourself about your past journey together why not print out your favourites. You can frame them or simply keep them in an album.
Compare notes on what you learnt from them. You’ll be surprised at everything that will come out of the discussion. What surprises me is how often we see situations completely differently. There is no right or wrong down memory lane.
Where do you want to be when you’re their age? What is your favourite adult toy? Have you checked out Traveler Satifyer that makes use of new air technology?
A true love story never ends. 
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Sharon Gordon Memory Lane Romantic Date

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