The Long and short of Healthy Penis

The Long and short of Healthy Penis

Healthy PenisThe Long and short of Healthy Penis

Listen up Guys, the long and short of a healthy penis

Last week we chatted about the vagina and how to get it spruced up. This week I thought we should give the men a turn and talk about the penis. We tend to think that the penis has a mind of its own and requires little if no attention. Men however have to deal with all sorts of issues.

An acquaintance recently told me about his ‘6 o’clock’ that has turned into ‘half past’ as he has aged and I started wondering what he could do about that. Yes there are pills to help but what can you do to keep your penis in tip top shape. The long and short of healthy penis is within your reach!

It seems that aging is inevitable but penis problems are starting much earlier or maybe we are just talk about it more. The most common penis complaint is one related to erections. Erectile Dysfunction is problematic for all the parties concerned.  Without an erect penis, no penetration can take place and this is a problem for procreation not necessarily for recreation.

The lack of an erection is the first indication of a health problem so get to a doctor today. My GP always says that ED (erectile dysfunction) also stands for early death! This is an outer manifestation of an inner problem. Chances are you are suffering from diabetes, heart disease or hyper tension, all killers.

So I say once again – get to the doctor or take out life insurance.

There are obviously many other reasons you could be suffering from ED all of which are treatable with a little work and care.

The prostate, that walnut sized gland that sits inside your anus, can also play havoc with your penis, so make sure you get it checked out regularly. These days it can be done with a simple blood test instead of an internal examination.

Your penis has to be used regularly otherwise like every other muscle in the body – use it or lose it! Luckily the body has a built in mechanism – morning erections.  The penis requires regular blood flow and oxygen to keep its size and health. Without regular flow the scientists are saying that you can lose about 1 cm in size!

With age, the penis will also start to lose sensitivity. We are not sure how much because the  research just doesn’t exist. This lack of sensitivity may lead to additional stimulation being required to achieve orgasm. Vibrators are not just for women! A little buzz applied to the correct place and ‘Houston we have lift off!’ You can start with a simple bullet vibrator or go big with a Hot Octopus. Visit to see the selection available.

The most sensitive part of the penis is the part referred to as the frenulum. It is the part on the tip of the penis where the foreskin joins the shaft. If you don’t have a foreskin it is the bit between the glans. Pleasure does not just come from this little piece of real estate. Many men have additional pleasure zones like the anus, perineum, testicles, nipples and ears. Take a tour, you may be surprised.

Circumcision is a hot topic at the moment. Circumcised men have less chance of catching or passing on all sorts of bacteria including the HPV virus and HIV. There is a big drive on to get adult men circumcised and I understand that many state hospitals are doing the procedure for free. If you are not circumcised please ensure that you clean yourself properly. This includes washing behind the testicles for all of you!

Just like the clitoris there is more to the penis than meets the eye. It has a sophisticated network of blood vessels and nerves that ensure its health. All of these are hidden and cannot be seen. You have to maintain your overall health to ensure that everything remains in tip top shape.

If you are trying to stop smoking and haven’t found the reason for quitting yet maybe this will help. Did you know that smoking can reduce the size of your penis by up to 1.5 cm! Now I’m not saying that size is important but I have never met a man to who it wasn’t.

Your penis may lean slightly to the left or right but if your penis is curved and is causing you distress or pain you may have Peyronie’s disease. Penises vary in shape and size and having a curved erection isn’t necessarily a cause for concern. In Peyronie’s disease, the bend is significant, and may occur along with pain or interfere with sexual function. Medication or surgery may be recommended if symptoms persist or worsen.

It is as important to men as it is to women to ensure the health and happiness of their genitals. Even if you are not in a relationship at the moment maintenance is key. As we get older inevitably our bits change and no longer perform as they did when we were young and glorious but that does not mean that they can no longer bring us pleasure and joy. We just have to find new ways to play.

If you are concerned and need to know more – email me


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