Will I have to sign?

Will I have to sign for my order?

Will I have to sign? For your security and ours, we ask that you sign the waybill presented to you by the courier agent.

This signature acknowledges that you have received your package safely. Nothing on the parcel or the waybill indicates that the parcel contains a vibrator or sex toy. Neither does it contain any Lola Montez branding.

It recently came to our attention that many buy adult toys and dildos from that large online retailer named after a jungle in South America. The reason – people will think I’ve bought a book! I have two things to say ‘Which people and who cares?’

But if you are still concerned that the courier will be judging you know that the product is recorded as medical and all the paper work says Sharon Gordon and I really don’t think I’m that famous.

All our packaging is discreet and if you receive the package opened it wasn’t us. In all the years I have been using our courier nothing has been opened before delivery. If you live in Gauteng you may want to collect your order. Please make sure you call first to make sure we have the sex toy you ordered in stock and that we’re around to open for you.

Watch our packaging video on YouTube to just how your parcel is packed and will arrive. Please don’t forget to subscribe to the YouTube channel and sign up to all our social media platforms – simply click on the widgets on the right hand side of our site and it will take you right there

But remember nobody knows what’s in the parcel so there is no need to be anxious.

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