Benefits of registering?

What are the benefits of registering a customer account?

The benefits of registering on and providing Lola Montez  with a valid email address, the team is not only able to keep you up to date with any transactions related to your account, but we can also ensure that you are learn about all of our promotional deals, exclusive offers, and order notifications before anyone else.

This allows you to take advantage of sex toy deals ahead of everyone else and gives you complete control with regards to managing your account.

At Lola Montez we absolutely do not believe in spamming your account, You can unsubscribe at any time and know that correspondence will be kept to a minimum and only when it counts! We’re really lazy that way.

You will receive a newsletter monthly and the unsubscribe action is extremely easy – you simply need to click unsubscribe at the bottom of the email.

You can be assured that the mail will always be discreet and will never contain pornography or inappropriate material. We are however a sex toy store and so communication will contain information about adult toys, vibrators, dildos, lubricants and lingerie.

We may even have the occasional article about oral sex and anal sex. But the information will always be informative and never inappropriate. We only allow adults to subscribe to our services so you can be rest assured that we take our role seriously.

Please take the time to subscribe to our YouTube Channel and follow our other social media platforms – click on the widgets on the right hand side of the page and it will take you right there. This small act helps us rank and allows us to offer you even better service.

We have been providing you with the best sex and relationship advise since 2004 when we opened our first store in Johannesburg. We now only operate online but offer the same valuable service

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