Out of stock items.

Out of stock items?

Out of stock items, what do I do? Whilst Lola Montez tries to have as much of the inventory available at any given time, we often sell out faster than what we are able to replenish. Often we think there is still plenty of stock of adult toys and then we have a run on an item especially if it has been mentioned in the press. Most of our stock is imported from all over the world. Some is flown in and some is shipped but we can always establish and estimated time of arrival.

If you order something that is out and not marked as such on the Lola Montez website – www.lolamontez.co.za, one of our team will contact you and you will be given a number of options. We will try to match the product with something similar, you can wait for the order to arrive or we can refund you.

If an item is displayed as ‘out of of stock’, you will not be able to add them to your cart. We will however be able to notify you should you require feedback and when that particular item is back in stock by clicking on the product, and selecting the ‘Notify Me’ tab.

You will then receive an email when the erotic toy becomes available again for purchase.

Make sure however, that you are logged in and have provided us with a valid email address. If you have not logged in & and would like that particular product, email us at info@lolamontez.co.za and we can advise you on when we will be expecting the stock to be available again.

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