Not home for delivery?

What happens if I’m not home for delivery or cannot be reached at time of delivery?

Not home for delivery? We ask you for all your details to ensure delivery, name address and phone number. This should allow us to make contact but sometimes incorrect information is furnished – really, in the 21st Century! Please don’t do this, its unnecessary and idiotic.

Our courier company is unable to notify you of exactly when your delivery will take place.

It is in this regard that it is imperative to provide us with a delivery address where you will most likely be during office/day hours as well as a contact number.

In the event that our courier is unable to reach you at your provided delivery address or on your contact number, they will try and delivery your parcel to you again on the next delivery run.

Should this still prove to be unsuccessful, our courier company will get in touch with us regarding the issue, and we will try and resolve it by contacting you from our Lola Montez office.

Courier agents, cannot be expected to contact you via cell phone, so please ensure someone is available to receive your parcel.

Your parcel will be packed in a brown bag and a courier flyer unless it needs to be boxed. The waybill will not indicate any Lola Montez branding or any indication that you have purchased a vibrator or lubricant.

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