My personal details?

Will my personal details be shared?

Personal details will never be shared.

As per Lola Montez’s strict Privacy Policies and Terms and Conditions, the use of private information on the e-commerce platform (i.e.user’s personal information, credit card details, place of address, and contact details), which are required for executing orders, will be kept in the strictest confidence by the provider.

They will under no circumstances will be sold or divulged to third parties.

This excludes the use of the user’s delivery address and contact details, which will be issued to the Courier service provider, in order to fulfill delivery.

Our data base is compiled over years of sales, events, parties, exhibitions, competitions etc. You have given us permission or subscribed in one way or the other. We may occasionally advertise product for a loyal friend or  supporter but that information will always come from us and never directly from the third party.

Because of the product we sell at Lola Montez which includes adult toys and sex toys, we understand that you may not want anyone knowing that you recently purchased a vibrator. We live in hope that one day you will want everyone to know but until then we continue to be discreet adult shopping for sex toys for women and sex toys for men.

For more information, please Link to privacy policies

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