Item Missing?

What happens if I have an item missing from my delivered package?

 What happens if I have an item missing from my delivered package? Yes shit happens and we’re not perfect, but not often! 

If your parcel arrives open please take a photo of the parcel immediately. If it is opened there may be a courier problem. Although we have to say that we have never had this problem before. If the parcel is sealed and an item is missing let us know.

Should your package not be reflective of your order placed with us, please contact us immediately on our Contact Us page on our website, Call 0861 LOLAMO (0861565266) or on 011 784 2173 or email us on so that we can urgently rectify the situation.

We do double check your order to make sure that all your adult toys have been packed but you know maybe we had a bit too much fun with our vibrators the night before.

Please report the missing adult toy immediately so we can investigate what happened and send you the missing item.

If it’s a back order item that you’ve agreed to wait for, it’s coming. We do delivery part orders so that you are not waiting for everything. You will be contacted and know that the missing item is part of the back order. You can still contact us if you need. to.

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