I’m a beginner can you help?

I’m a beginner can you help?

 If I’m a beginner is there someone to assist me?

The short answer is yes! You’re our best kind of client because we can help you avoid making all the first time owner mistakes.  How do we know? Because we made then when we first started playing with sex toys before they were gorgeous and designed specifically for female pleasure.

We are extremely professional and well educated on all of our products available. We will be able to guide you to ensure that you purchase the correct vibrator for your needs and requirements. Do not be shocked if we ask you some intimate questions. It helps us establish and identify a sex toy that will work for you. Not all adult toys are equal.

Questions may include if you intend to play with your partner – then we’ll talk about sex toys for couples. If you’re a female and it’s for your own pleasure then we’ll talk about sex toys for women and take it another step to identify whether you’re a clitoris or G-Spot woman. And if you’re a man are you buying for yourself or your partner. These will all lead us to finding the perfect adult toy for you.

You can call us on 0861 LOLA MO (0861 56 5266) or on 011-784 2173, you can chat to us on the site’s chat bot or email us on info@lolamontez.co.za or fill in the Contact Us page on the site.

A good place to start is to watch the videos we have on our YouTube Channel which explains different toys for different play.

You can also read our product reviews and advise on our blog – www.blog.lolamontez.co.za


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