How does Lelo warranty work?

How does LELO warranty work?

How does Lelo warranty work? If a Lelo sex toy becomes faulty within the first year, please call us on 0861 LOLAMO (0861 565266), or the Lola Montez help desk on 011 784 2173 or contact us via the Contact page on our website providing us with the Claim Number that can be found on the card included in the Lelo packaging your toy came in.

You MUST register your adult toy on the Lelo website for the warranty to be active.

Once we have received the faulty unit as well as the warranty card, we will send your product to our faults department for inspection. Please ensure that the adult toy is properly cleaned before sending it to us. If it is unclean we reserve the right to destroy it and not give you an opportunity to collect it. It will be your punishment for being siff – so don’t

If your product is indeed deemed faulty, a replacement unit will be sent to you. If a erotic toy has exceeded it’s 1 year warranty & unfortunately becomes faulty, please call us on 0861 565266 or contact us via the Contact page on our website providing us with the Special Code received when you registered your toy on the Lelo website.

You will unfortunately not receive a full replacement, however you will receive a 50% discount code for the item. Please Note! LELO products can ONLY be exchanged if the faulty unit is accompanied with the Warranty Card (which was received in the original packaging) and if your unit has been REGISTERED on the LELO.COM website. Lola Montez is unable to fulfill the warranty obligation without this information.

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