How do I qualify for discounts?

Discounts? How do I qualify for discounts?

Discounts? At Lola Montez, we are constantly ensuring that you receive the best deals possible on all our sex toys and lingerie and not everybody is entitled to a discount. You have to be special to qualify but you can. You will need to sign up for our newsletter and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel and follow us on all our social media platforms.

You can also create an account on the website. By creating an account, signing up for our newsletter, and receiving notifications from our partners, you are guaranteed to receive the earliest notifications on promotions, discounts, and adult toy giveaways.

WE offer only the best sex toys available in the South African market and whilst they may be expensive they are only the best quality and some even come with a 10 year warranty – see the Lelo Brand of adult toys.

We try to keep our prices as low as we can but prices often fluctuate with the rise and fall of the rand. It is very difficult to predict how much an adult toy is going to cost next time around. At the moment shipping is extremely expensive (during Covid 2020) so we may be more out of stock than we are used to.

Once you are a preferred Lola Montez client keep your eye on our monthly newsletter which may contain discounts that only last for a couple of days or until stock lasts. We do have terms and conditions on some of the promotions but they will always be clear before you buy your toy. If you are unsure of any purchase please leave a message for us on the Contact Us Page

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