Do I have to pay again?

Do I have to pay again for shipping?

 If I choose for partial delivery on a Back Order do I have to pay again for shipping? No. Lola Montez will cover the second shipping cost at our expense. You will not have to pay extra for you adult toys.

 Can I receive a partial shipment on a Back Order?

Yes absolutely. If you have placed an order consisting of multiple sex toys, whereby several of the items are available for immediate shipment, we will offer you the choice of electing to have the ‘in-stock’ vibrators, lubricants or lingerie delivered to you first, following on which we will ship the remainder of the items to you when they arrive at our head office – at our expense. You will not be expected to pay for shipping on the second delivery. 

 Am I able to change the Back Ordered item for an ‘In-stock’ item?

Yes. Once we have contacted you, we will run you through your available options, of which one is to replace the Back Ordered stock with an ‘in-house’ item that is equivalent to the standard of the item which you originally ordered. We will always suggest a suitable alternative that equates to the same lux, value, and functionality of the item you have ordered.

You can always contact us on the Lola Montez website Contact us page if you have any inquiries or you can call the help desk on 0861 LOLA MO (0861 56 52 66) and we will try to help you as best we can. Please ensure that you call during office hours – it’s just rude not to.

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