Contact Lola Montez Help Desk?

How do I contact the Lola Montez Help Desk?

How to Contact Lola Montez Help desk? For all queries please contact us either via our Contact Us page on our website or

Call us on 0861 LOLAMO (0861 565266)  to speak to one of our consultants directly.

Alternatively, make use of our online chat function located at the bottom right hand side of the screen for assistance.

Now listen up! We love to help you and answer all your questions about purchasing, delivery, payment methods and delivery. We will chat to you all day about which vibrator or dildo suites you. We will refer you to our sex toys for women and sex toys for couples but all of this


If you call us at 2h00 because you are horny we may not answer and if we do we will be rude! Show some respect. We sell sex toys NOT women. We are an online sex shop not a knock shop and if you make the mistake you will be given short shift.

We are in the business of giving real and honest advise on vibrators and orgasms. We are not here for you to get your jolly off. It is disrespectful and unnecessary. If you think we’re exaggerating read some of the stories we share on our blog page. It was funny the first time but now it’s just irritating especially when our intelligence is undermined. We are ordinary people with families, partners and children. Just because we sell sex toys does not make us something you think is funny or can abuse.

We try to bring you a professional service that you won’t receive anywhere else. So don’t abuse it.

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