Can I purchase a gift voucher?

Can I purchase a gift voucher?

Can I purchase a Gift Voucher? The short answer is yes! You can purchase it in any amount and often makes the perfect gift especially when your not sure whether to buy a vibrator, dildo, strap on, lubricant or lingerie.

We understand that our sex toy ranges can be overwhelming and so it is often best to buy the voucher and leave the rest to us.

Gift Vouchers can be sent electronically to the receiver of your choice or if you’re not sure who is deserving we can send it to you! The voucher will contain a special code which is listed on the Lola Montez platform and can be retrieved during checkout.

Buying a gift voucher is really easy. A gift voucher is captured on the system as a normal product just like an adult toy and then you can change how much you want to spend. There is a minimum purchase of R100. Read more on Gift Vouchers

If you cannot find it on the Lola Montez website – Simply contact us on 0861 LOLAMO (0861565266) or 011-7842173. You can also email and we will guide you through your various options.

You may also have received a discount voucher at a party, as a promotion or exhibition you can retrieve it with the special discount code on the voucher. You will have to enter the code on the checkout page where it will be deducted from your purchase price. It’s easy in theory.

If you are having a problem redeeming your voucher or discount you give us a call and we’ll sort it for you immediately. Remember we have a record of every voucher which we check before fulfilling the order. You will be able to pay for the voucher online or by way of EFT.



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