Appointments to visit?

 Appointments to visit?

Appointments to visit? Do I need to make an appointment to visit your store?

If you are wanting a consultation or advise you cannot just pop into our offices but you are more than welcome to make a call on 0861 56 5266 (0861 LOLAMO) or contact our help desk on 011-7842173. You can also leave a message on the chat bot, or Contact Us page on the Lola Montez website.

We no longer have bricks and mortar stores but we still offer the same Lola Montez service online and if you have any enquiries just call us on 0861 5652 66 and we will help.

Please do this during office hours or we will be very rude to you! We have our own sex lives and object to having to deal with yours at 2h00.

We are in the process of opening Lola Montez Naughty Nookies in retails stores, so keep your eye on our social media pages for announcements. These stores will be open during normal retail hours and will not require any appointments or calls before arrival. You will be able to see all the latest adult toys and lubricants available on the market.

Keep an eye out for when Sharon Gordon aka @SASexpert will be in the house for personal service and advise.

To be up to date with developments, announcements and specials sign up to our newsletter and don’t forget to follow all our social media platforms. The direct links are available on the Lola Montez site. We still stock only the best adult toys.

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