What if I don't want to wait?

 What if I don't want to wait for the items listed as Back Order? We completely understand your frustration. We have it with our suppliers all the time. Because all our adult toys are imported it is almost impossible to keep stock levels constant and you know what it's like - Murphy will always make an appearance. In the event that you are unhappy with the Back Order status, we will assist you in either finding a suitable alternative adult toy, vibrator or lubricant or will provide you with the option for a full refund or voucher to the value of the said item. Please note that Back Orders usually only add a few days to your delivery eta and will never take more than a week to get to you unless we have an issue with supply. One of the Lola Montez Team will get hold of you to notify you, try to assist you with choosing a suitable alternative sex toy or explaining the process. 2020 has added additional strains to manufacturing and delivery of sex toys. Don't forget you can always get hold of us on the www.lolamontez.co.za Contact Us page. Please take a moment to subscribe to better sex on our blog pages and don't forget to follow us on our social media platforms. It is the easiest way to keep in touch and be the first to know what's new ad what events may be coming up. If you are overwhelmed by your choice of erotic toys - watch our YouTube Channel.

What does back order mean?

What does back order mean if I receive an email stating my purchase is on Back Order? Lola Montez constantly receives new stock from our suppliers, and often stock is sold faster than what we are able to replenish. In addition, due to the limitation of physical space in our stores, we are unable to hold 100% of our catalog at all times. In the event that you want a vibrator or erotic product that is not available, we will expedite your toy with our supplier and will receive this within 2 to 3 days of your purchase. This means that your purchase will be with you within 4 - 6 working days from your payment date, if not sooner. We will always contact you in this regard to ensure that you are satisfied with the above and should you be unsatisfied, we will go to our utmost lengths to ensure you are either provided with a suitable alternative, or we will refund you to the full amount of your purchase, or by means of a voucher. Sometimes our suppliers are out of stock and 2020 has been especially challenging with world wide lock down and delivery issues. Flights for products can be a challenge but we are trying our best to ensure that you receive the adult toy of your choice. One of our team should be able to tell how how long the delay will be alternatively suggest an alternative sex toy in the same price range. If all else fails we will give you a full refund. if you have any enquiries please do not hesitate to contact us on the Lola Montez Contact Us page or give our team a call on 0861 LOLA Mo (0861 5652 66) and they will be able to assist you.  

How do I cancel my order?

How to I cancel my order? If you have opted to pay for your order via EFT and have not paid yet, simply email us at info@lolamontez.co.za and we will cancel your order accordingly. You can also contact us via the Lola Montez Website Contact Us page or call our help desk on 0861 LOLA MO (0861 56 5266) or 011-784 2173 and one of our team will cancel it. If you have opted to pay for EFT and have already paid or have paid via card - email us at info@lolamontez.co.za or you can also contact us via the www.lolamontez.co.za, Website Contact Us page or call our help desk on 0861 LOLA MO (0861 56 5266) or 011-784 2173 and one of our team will help you if the order has not been dispatched yet. If it has not left the premises we will cancel your order and request a full refund from our accounts department. Please note refunds take a few days depending on which bank you transact with, your request however will be actioned by Lola Montez within 24 hours of receiving your request. If you aid via Payfast, they now offer a refund option but it also takes time to action. Once the item has been dispatched we can no longer cancel the order due to the intimate nature of sex toys. Lola Montez supplies sex toys for women and sex toys for couples and we know that the choices are often overwhelming. Why not watch our videos on the different type of toys on our YouTube Channel. Please take the time to subscribe to the YouTube channel and remember to follow us on our social media platforms.

Out of stock items?

Out of stock items, what do I do? Whilst Lola Montez tries to have as much of the inventory available at any given time, we often sell out faster than what we are able to replenish. Often we think there is still plenty of stock of adult toys and then we have a run on an item especially if it has been mentioned in the press. Most of our stock is imported from all over the world. Some is flown in and some is shipped but we can always establish and estimated time of arrival. If you order something that is out and not marked as such on the Lola Montez website - www.lolamontez.co.za, one of our team will contact you and you will be given a number of options. We will try to match the product with something similar, you can wait for the order to arrive or we can refund you. If an item is displayed as 'out of of stock', you will not be able to add them to your cart. We will however be able to notify you should you require feedback and when that particular item is back in stock by clicking on the product, and selecting the ‘Notify Me’ tab. You will then receive an email when the erotic toy becomes available again for purchase. Make sure however, that you are logged in and have provided us with a valid email address. If you have not logged in & and would like that particular product, email us at info@lolamontez.co.za and we can advise you on when we will be expecting the stock to be available again. Please follow us on all our social media pages and don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel. It's on this channel where Sharon Gordon, aka @SASexpert and her friends chat about sex toys, give sex advise and relationship advise. It is informative and very often funny. it's wonderful to see sex spoken about in natural terms without any shame or embarrassment.  

How does LELO warranty work?

How does Lelo warranty work? If a Lelo sex toy becomes faulty within the first year, please call us on 0861 LOLAMO (0861 565266), or the Lola Montez help desk on 011 784 2173 or contact us via the Contact page on our website providing us with the Claim Number that can be found on the card included in the Lelo packaging your toy came in. You MUST register your adult toy on the Lelo website for the warranty to be active. Once we have received the faulty unit as well as the warranty card, we will send your product to our faults department for inspection. Please ensure that the adult toy is properly cleaned before sending it to us. If it is unclean we reserve the right to destroy it and not give you an opportunity to collect it. It will be your punishment for being siff - so don't If your product is indeed deemed faulty, a replacement unit will be sent to you. If a erotic toy has exceeded it's 1 year warranty & unfortunately becomes faulty, please call us on 0861 565266 or contact us via the Contact page on our website providing us with the Special Code received when you registered your toy on the Lelo website. You will unfortunately not receive a full replacement, however you will receive a 50% discount code for the item. Please Note! LELO products can ONLY be exchanged if the faulty unit is accompanied with the Warranty Card (which was received in the original packaging) and if your unit has been REGISTERED on the LELO.COM website. Lola Montez is unable to fulfill the warranty obligation without this information.

Lelo 10 year Warranty

How do I get my LELO 10 year warranty? Every Lelo customer will receive a Claim Number which can be found on the card included in the Lelo packaging. Please look out for it because if you don't you will be loosing out. Lelo is a premier brand of sex toys and such offer premier service. Please take not that not all adult toys are created equal as can be borne out by the price. You will HAVE to register your toy/product on the Lelo website after purchase in order to initiate the 10 year warranty. If you do not you will not be protected. You cannot register it years after purchase. Once you have registered it, it will produce a special code. If a Lelo sex toy you purchased form Lola Montez  is faulty, please call us on 0861 565266  90861 LOLA MO) or 011 784 2173 or via our Contact Us page on the www.lolamontez.co.za website contact us via email on info@lolamontez.co.za. and one of our team will get back to you as soon as possible. We do not accept adult toys that were not purchased from us so you will need to remind us when, where and how it was purchased from us. If the vibrator was bought from us Lelo will instruct us what to do with the item. Just a heads up - please make sure that the toy is uber clean before returning it to us. We reserve the right to destroy it if it has not been cleaned, we will not give you the opportunity to collect it. It is punishment for being siff. So just don't!  

 Lola Montez exchange policy?

The Lola Montez exchange policy is simple. Unfortunately, due to the nature of our intimate items, our goods are not exchangeable or refundable for both hygiene and security reasons. These include Lingerie, Cosmetics, Sex Toys, Essentials, sex toys for women, sex toys for couples, sex toys for men, anal toys, Gifts, and Accessories. If you are unsure as to whether or not a product is right for you, please call our customer help line on 0861 LOLAMO (0861 565266) or complete our form on our Contact Us page on our website. At Lola Montez we pride ourselves on being able to help you identify the sex toy for you or your partner. We have been assisting couples and individuals for many years. We have to ask you a couple of intimate questions - such as - Are you playing with or without your partner? Are you a clitoris or G-Spot girl? Have your played with vibrators before? etc. These questions and your answers help us identify the sex toy for you. We know that the choice can be overwhelming but start looking at the categories and sub-categories on the Lola Montez website - www.lolamontez.co.za. Are you looking for sex toys for women or sex toys for men? You may even be interested in Lotions and Potions which include lubricants and massage oils. Or how about sex toys for couples. If you are still lost call us and we will gladly assist in order to avoid any mistakes or incorrect orders. Please take a moment to follow us on our social media platforms - this can be done simply by clicking on the relevant widgets on the Lola Montez website. These widgets are directly linked to our pages. If you want to learn more about the category of adult toys we stock watch our YouTube videos and please subscribe
How do I return defective vibrator over time? When can you return defective vibrator and How do I return a product which has become defective over time?  In the event that your sex toy becomes defective over time, we include a one year warranty on most of our sex toys (please read the product’s specification sheet carefully) ensuring that you can return it for repair or replacement. If the sex toy is a cheap and cheerful (under R500) it probably won't have a guarantee. For queries regarding defective products, please contact us via the Contact Us page on our website and include a clear description of the technical issue, order number, and date of purchase. You can also contact the Lola Montez Help Desk by calling 0861 LOLA MO or 0861 56 5266, or 011-784 2173, during office hours. WE will not help you at 2 in the morning. You can also email us at info@lolamontez.co.za You will receive a return email from one of our team notifying you on how to proceed. Please note refunds and repairs are dependent on our supplier's inspection report and need to eliminate the possibility of deliberate misuse. Please ensure that when you return the adult toy you have cleaned it properly before dispatching it to us. If we receive it and it has not been cleaned we reserve the right to destroy it or you will have to get it back at your own cost. You'll be surprised at how siff some people are. Please follow us on social media by clicking on the widgets on the right hand side of the web pages. Also sign up for our newsletter which allows you to receive special discounts and notifies you of promotions not available to the general public.

How do I return a faulty vibrator or damaged product?

How do I return a faulty vibrator or damaged product? In the rare instance that an adult toy is damaged or faulty on delivery, please fill out our form on the Contact Us page on our website or phone us on 0861 565266 within 24 hours so that we can rectify the situation immediately. You can also email Lola Montez on info@lolamontez.co.za. Please include your order number and a detailed description of the sex toy and the problem, and we will revert as soon as possible, advising you on exactly how to proceed. More often than not it is a simple problem that we have encountered with your adult toy more than once before. Like ensuring the batteries are the right way around or unlocking the travel lock on your newly acquired vibrator. If the sex toy remains faulty or damaged dependent on our supplier's inspection report and product inspection, Lola Montez will gladly replace your damaged or faulty product with an exact substitute, provided it is still within warranty or has been reported within 24 hours of delivery. In the event that we are unable to exchange your product due to insufficient stock levels, we will offer a similar substitute of the nearest or same value. Some luxury brands like Lelo have a product guarantee that extends the warranty period. There are terms and conditions attached so read the warranty documentation and register the vibrator on delivery. In all the years we have been operating I can count on one hand the returns due to fault or damage.

Refund options for a return?

 What are my refund options for a return? Returns will only be accepted if the product you received was dispatched incorrectly or the adult toy you received is broken. We do not accept returns for product you don't like. Once packaging has been opened and the seal broken if there is nothing mechanically wrong with the sex toy we cannot take it back because of the intimate nature of vibrators and dildos. If you do qualify for a return in most instances, Lola Montez’s will action your return by replacing it with the same product. Where stock levels on a particular type of erotic toy does not allow this, a suitable alternative of a similar value will be offered to you. Should this not deem acceptable, we will offer a gift card to the same value as the returned item. In the rare instance, and at Lola Montez discretion, that we feel that we need to refund you in full, refunds will be issued to the person and card used on the original order and will take between 5 to 10 working days to reflect in the person’s account. We are now able to refund directly from Payfast if that was your payment method. If you have any inquiries about refunds please do not hesitate to contact the Lola Montez help desk by calling 0861 LOLA MO (0861 5652 66) or email us on info@lolamontez.co.za or contact us via the website www.lolamontez.co.za  contact us page.
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