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Intimacy consultation Sharon Gordon

For the past 15 years Sharon Gordon, owner and founder of the Brand, Lola Montez, has been studying and assisting individuals and couples with intimacy, sexuality and sensuality through a private intimacy consultation.

As an Intimacy Consultant she has been offering sexual health, relationship and intimacy advice through a variety of different media, from individual sessions to workshops. Sharon is a regular contributor on Radio, Television and Print Media.

She is the local SaSexpert on Radio 2000, The Collective and writes a weekly column (Play Together), in The Saturday Star.

Sharon works with individuals and couples with a variety of different issues ranging from intimacy, communication and sexual health. Book your Intimacy Consultation

She is the author of two books:


Play Together – Couples who Play Together, Stay Together!
And ‘The Bride’s Guide to Honeymoon Heaven.’

Sharon sits on the Board of Dignity Dreams and currently serves as Vice Chair.

Watch her discuss a number of intimacy issues on YouTube – CLICK HERE

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