I am your clitoral toy

Clitoral Toy

I am a clitoral toy and stimulator! I am going to provide you with a great deal of pleasure.

You can use me with or without your partner.

As a clitoral toy I am only meant for external stimulation, not for inserting into the vagina and definitely NEVER into the anus. Use me to explore your body.

Your sweet spot may be a little left or right, up or down but you will never know unless you try variations. You can use me on your perineum, labia and on the opening to the vagina. I can be used on your partner. Explore his or her body with my powerful vibrations.

I will stimulate and excite.

A tip: If you’re concerned with becoming addicted to me (I should be so lucky) use me as foreplay to bring you close to your tipping point and then finish off with your own hand or your partner. Voila!

After use please clean me properly.  Eva Toy Cleaner is essential for toy care.  Eva Toy Cleaner is an anti bacterial toy cleaner and is perfect for latex, silicone and rubber.  Just spray, wash, and rinse!

 If I am waterproof, no problem but if I’m not, make sure that you don’t get water into me otherwise I will rust.

If I am rechargeable, please charge me for at least 4 hours before you use me and never let me go completely flat. When I start to lack energy, power me up again.

Remove my batteries before you put me away, I’ll last longer that way. Before you use me again wipe me down just in case something got stuck to me.

Try using me with a lubricant, Lola Montez supplies a variety of lubricants suitable just for you.

I’m called a toy for a reason – I’m to be used to play! So Play!

For more information you can email my teacher at sharon@lolamontez.co.za

If you want to see what I look like search the Lola Montez site. Sharon’s favourite clitoral stimulators include Je Joue MImi and Lelo Lily

You can read more about clitoral and what men need to know about the Clitoris  Clitoral Toys 101

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