How to check the girls.

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How to check your breasts is an important part of your health and sexual health. We have seen so many relationships devastated by a mastectomy. Many cancers are treatable and curable with early detection.

You can check the girls after your bath or shower and if you detect anything untoward make an appointment for a mammogram. It is far better with living with the fear of what could be.

If you cannot afford to have a mammogram contact Pink Drive. They offer services at vastly reduced amounts and offer free services to women in need.

Checking your breasts should be an important part of you weekly routine. Early detection saves lives. Teach your daughters and your husbands. We have known a couple of women who discovered a lump through their partner.

Please do not ignore a lump, any misshapes or discomfort. Having a mammogram is not as bad as everyone makes out. What happens in your mind is far scarier.

October of every year is Breast Cancer Month. We would love you to share your experience if you are a survivor. If you are the partner of a survivor, Lola Montez would love to hear from you too. Please email us your experiences to

Surviving cancer also has an impact on your libido and if you’ve had a mammogram it is common to have body issues even if you have had reconstruction.

If you would like to be a participant in a conversation about diagnosis, treatment and survival for our YouTube Channel please get in touch on our Contact Us Page.

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