How desperate does one have to be to date an idiot?

How desperate does one have to be to date an idiot?

How desperateHow desperate does one have to be to date an … Idiot?

Every day I get a direct message from at least 15, what shall I call them, let’s go with … idiots!

The messages range from: Hi, Hello, where are you from, please send me your phone number, Hello pretty thank you for accepting my friend request do you mind chatting so I can get to know you better, sorry for imposing on your privacy but you are beautiful, or variations of the same. My person favourite is when I am referred to as ‘Dear!’

I had one …idiot who sent me a photo of a different coloured rose for about 10 days before he eventually gave up or ran out of pictures. Then there are the dick pics. I never know there were so many HUGE dicks out there and I’m not referring to penises.

I accept virtually every friend request because I use my Lola Montez profile for business and shameless promotion of my blog. My Facebook friends are an equal spit between male and female friend and I never receive inane message from the women. I never respond to any of these messages and only open the messages so Facebook won’t punish me.

I’m not sure why I find them more than mildly offensive. I think it’s because I’m saddened that all these people are looking for love in all the wrong places. Closer to the truth, these …idiots, are looking for a lonely desperate woman they can scam. Do they think I’m her?

I found one such message particularly offensive this week. Apart from the shocking spelling and grammar this individual with a beautiful WASP name and very sexy profile picture, got my irritability up to stroke level.

He told me he worked at Oxford University in London. He lives in Ireland, Indiana. Now there may be a town in Indiana called Ireland but I doubt anything else is real. Does this …idiot, think I have a lonely brain cell? That I am so lonely that I would fall in love on messenger and open my heart and wallet?

Does anyone ever fall for this? Are people really this lonely and desperate? The sad truth is, they really are.

I have a couple of sexy, mature and independent friends looking for partners and they are battling despite the variety of dating sites and apps around.

Some of them don’t want to join these sites as they do not want their picture up on sites. Not because they are unattractive but because they don’t want to be recognised. A case in point , we were scrolling through potential dates before dismissing them for one reason or another. We later went out and recognised one of the candidates. It was awkward.

I heard somewhere that people still meet their partner through friends or work. What happens when your friends no longer know any new blood or you no longer work in a corporate environment? Where can you meet potential partners?

I went to a meet and greet as a wingman recently. There were three women to every man at the event. These women literally elbowed each other so they could get next to the men at the event.

I wanted to weep for these women who had dolled themselves up to be rejected in the most humiliating way.

I don’t know what the solution is. Where will we find new partners?

Join clubs, learn new skills and accept every invitation you receive. You will have to be brave and take the first step. Supermarkets that sell ready-made meals always have singles waiting to pay after work. Maybe you could chat to someone you may find interesting. I did the other day to see what reaction I’d get. The person I picked on got such a fright they left the cue. As I said you’ll have to be brave.

I think restaurants should have large table where they seat single diners, who can get an opportunity to mingle with other single diners. I’d sit at this table, Would you?

Or maybe I should start a dating club where I invite a select group to dinner. It’s just a dinner party to see if there is anyone you click with. There are no expectations, just dinner and a night out. Would you participate? I’m being serious I think there may be a business in it.

In the mean time I have come up with an answer to the ‘Hello beautiful’ messages. It’s ‘Hi Handsome, please send me $1000 and a copy of your latest bank statement, then I’ll send you my number.’ Do you think I’ll get any takers?

Let me know what you think about my dating club idea?



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