All Hail the Vagina in all her Glory

All Hail the Vagina in all her Glory

All Hail the Vagina in all her Glory

The vagina is a wonderful and sacred part of the female body. I’m not sure why it is considered as this dirty, awful thing to own.

The worst word we can call someone is ‘C**t’ and I have never figured out why when it is this beautiful, soft, pleasure giving body part. This week I’m hoping to give the vagina some of its dignity back.

Every woman has one and every one, is different. Yes we have the same parts, clitoris, inner and outer labia, urethra, vagina entrance, perineum and anus. These are the external bits you can see and the correct word for them is ‘Vulva’. I battle with saying the word so more often than not I just use the word vagina.

The vagina is also known as the birth canal and is inside your body, so it cannot be seen.

Last week I dealt extensively with the clitoris, so if you missed it go to my blog ( and catch up.

There are 2 sets of lips, known as the Inner and outer labia. The inner labia are closest to the vagina entrance and are the more sensitive than the outer. This makes sense from a protective stance. Both sets of labia are erotic areas and many women feel uncomfortable about their size. Don’t! You do not need to compare yourself to anyone else and especially not a porn star, because let’s face it, how many close ups have you seen?

The urethra can only be seen by pushing up the clitoral hood and by pushing back both sets of labia. It sits just below the clitoris and looks just like a small slit. It serves no real erotic purpose.

On either side, on the inside of the vagina opening, are the Bartholin’s Glands. They cannot be seen but they are important because they help lubricate the vagina.

I’m not going to deal with the Hymen, because it deserves a column all on its own. I would like to take the discussion a little deeper.

One of the most important muscle groups in your body are the kegel muscles. If you don’t know where they are, the next time you go to the loo, stop the flow of the urine. The muscles you used to do this are your kegel muscles.

The kegel muscles are important for a number of reasons. They keep the whole pelvic floor healthy ensuring that the bladder, uterus and vagina stay in place. These muscles weaken for a number of different reasons; age, childbirth and surgery are the most common. Strong kegel muscles ensure more intense orgasms but more importantly, when you get to my age, when you laugh, sneeze or skip, firm kegel muscles ensure that you have strong bladder control.

These muscles are like any other, if you don’t use it, you lose it, which is why Benwa Balls are the most significant investment you will ever make. Besides being a ‘sex toy’, they have been medically endorsed as dumbbells for your vagina. It has even been recommended that you should strengthen your kegel muscles prior to childbirth to prepare your pelvic floor for the trauma it is about to experience.

The illusive and mysterious G-Spot is situated on the belly button side of your body. It can be found in the same region as the top of the pubic bone. You may hang to the left or the right, you’ll have to explore. The G-Spot sits very close to the bladder so when you stroke it, you may feel the urge to pee. Don’t, it’s just not sexy! Breathe through the sensation and try to explore the pleasure.

Even further up the vagina is the cervix. This is the very top of the vagina and feels like a nose with a little dimple in the centre. Many women experience pleasure from having this area stimulated. She has to be fully aroused otherwise chances are it will hurt, rather than being pleasurable. This area has no nerve endings but it is sensitive to pressure.

Only a thin membrane and tissue separates the rectum from the vagina wall so be very gentle when experimenting with dual penetration or anal sex.

Some women feel intense pleasure through anal sex and just as many women don’t! So before you accidently on purpose try to have anal sex with her, ask. It’s rude not to.

It’s important for all women to understand their bodies, in particular their genitals. For too long we have been shamed, persecuted, ridiculed, circumcised and discriminated against because we dare to have a vagina!

If you do not understand the pleasure and power of a vagina you will never be able to understand the difference between love and lust. I am an advocate of pleasure. I believe that if women understand and experience unhindered, guilt free pleasure, the decisions we make about our lives will be very different.

Women who have ownership over their body and pleasure are more educated, marry later, pursue a career  and are less likely to be involved in abusive relationships.  I know which one I’d like my daughter to be!

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