Guide to Prostate Massage

The beginners Guide to Prostate Massage is by far our most popular download from Lola Montez.

It is an Ebook and you can download it for Free right here.

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Pegging or P-Spot Massage can be pleasurable & yes it exists even if you don't want to think about it.

I was supposed to appear on a popular talk show last week to talk about anal sex. I was excited. I notified everyone I know (they all know that I talk about sex), including my entire data base and then nothing happened. It was like getting ready for a matric dance and your date chickens out.

On Monday I got hold of the producer who advised me that the television station had pulled it for being too risqué. For the life of me I cannot think of what I could have said that would make the screening risqué. I kept my clothes on and I didn't swear.

This massage can be extremely pleasurable and with practice your male partner can learn to orgasm without ejaculation which will help him last longer.

It is alleged that massaging the prostate can help prevent prostate cancer. Download it today for all our tips and techniques.

Have a look at our range of anal sex toys which can add to the experience. There are several vibrators, massagers, butt plugs and toys available for additional pleasure. The Naughty Boy from Rock Chick is particularly popular.


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