G Spot Toys might help.

G Spot Toys might help.

G Spot Toys might help find that ever elusive G Spot!

Discovered in the 1950s by German Gynaecologist – Dr Ernest Gräfenberg, hence – the G-Spot.

Anything with a shaft and curved tip is specifically designed for G-Spot stimulation.

By a curved tip we mean it looks a bit like a crochet hook. The tip is designed to rub up against the G-Spot and then up towards the cervix. See our article on G-Spot stimulation.

The best way to find the female G-Spot is to insert the vibrator into the vagina. The G-Spot sits about 1 to 2 inches from the vagina opening – at about the same place as the top of the pubic bone. When you are close it will feel like you want to wee.

Statistically it is alleged that about 8% of women do not have a G-Spot and only about 20% can orgasm from G-Spot stimulation.

G-Spot stimulation also assists with female ejaculation. Statistically only a few women are able to do this.

For male G-Spot stimulation please see the section on anal toys and our articles on Prostate Massage.

Try the Tiger G Spot Vibrator, Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit, or Gigi 2 G-Spot Vibrator, for enhanced play there is Discover G Spot Gel Intimate Earth.

Always thoroughly clean and dry toys after use, Eva Toy Cleaner is essential for toy care, it is anti bacterial and perfect for latex, silicone and rubber.

For more on G-Spot toys – watch Sharon Gordon on You Tube – Oh G-Spot Toys.




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