Condoms 101

Condoms 101

Condoms 101 Using condoms can be sexy! It’s all about your attitude and how you choose to put them on. Sign up for our Oral Sex Course for tips and techniques on how to use your mouth! Use only latex or polyurethane versions. Natural skin (lamb intestine) condoms are not ...

PC Muscles

How do I find my PC Muscles?

How do I find my PC muscles and why is it important? The pubococcygeus muscles are also known as the Kegel muscles and are located in the pelvis area. These muscles are as important for both men and women. For men, a strong PC muscle and pelvic floor means that the erection ...

how long should sex take

How long should sex take?

How long should sex take? I’m often asked ‘How long should sex take?’ Oy! How long is a piece of string? The answer very much depends on what you want to tie! Similarly it depends on the parties having sex. Paulo Caelo thinks that the average sexual encount ...

How do I know if I've had an Orgasm

How do I know about Orgasm?

How do I know if I’ve had an Orgasm? During consultations over the past year and as a result of the emails I received from you as a result of this column I have come up with a list of commonly asked questions and concerns. For the next couple of weeks I am going to add ...

consent is more than netflix and chill

Netflix and Chill is not Consent

Consent is more than Netflix and Chill! What constitutes consent? I’m hoping it’s more than Netflix and Chill! A recent survey found that everybody agreed that consent was essential when it came to sex. And I mean everybody interviewed in the survey. I was impres ...

clitoral toys

I am your clitoral toy

Clitoral Toy. Clitoral Toy. I am a clitoral toy and stimulator! I am going to provide you with a great deal of pleasure. You can use me with or without your partner. As a clitoral toy I am only meant for external stimulation, not for inserting into the vagina and definitely ...

how to talk dirty

How to Talk Dirty

7 Top Tips HOW TO TALK DIRTY Top Tip 1 It’s empowering and fun. You know you want to, you know it turns you on, you know that one dirty word that makes him want to explode! Only you can’t say the words! You’re not that kind of person! Well get over yourself and have some fu ...

safe sex guidelines

Safe Sex Guidelines

Safe Sex Guidelines Safe sex guidelines are really important in the time of HIV. So Be sexy – Be safe! It’s easy to have sex safely without sacrificing a good time. Here are our tips for staying healthy while having fun. General Guidelines: Use condoms for intercours ...

Butterfly strap on

Butterfly Strap On Vibrators

Butterfly Strap On Vibrators Butterfly strap on vibrators and why you shouldn’t wear them while shopping! Have you heard the story of the woman who passed out in a shopping center because she was wearing her butterfly strap on vibrator? The story goes that the woman in ...

bullets and egg style vibrators

Bullets and Egg Style Vibrators

Bullets or Eggs – with or without cord. All time favourite first time vibrators, ideal for beginners and for couple play.    They fit into the hand and can be used to stimulate the genital area during foreplay and penetrative sex. Bullets work well on the clit, tip of the pe ...

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