Fetish Play Tip 4 – Medical Play

Fetish Play Tip #4 – Medical Play

Medical Play is far more popular then you can imagine! We sell more nurse fantasy outfits than any other fantasy outfit.

The Fetish: Medical Play

The thought of a sexy doctor or nurse taking care of a needy patient is extremely sexy.

The patient is helpless – your doctor could be caring, kind and gentle, or take advantage of your situation.

Just the sound of a latex glove snapping as it goes on to a nurse or doctor’s hand, or of stainless steel instruments clanking on their metal tray, can make us nervous, yet curiously excited. This is what creates the link with a fetish .

Hardcore medical fetishist’s play can involve a range of procedures, from anal dilation and administering enemas, to needle play and urethral sounding (sliding a steel rod into the eye of his penis), unless you are an expert, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.

Vanilla Play Tip: Full Body Check-up

To play doctors and nurses a fantasy outfit will help get you in the mood almost immediately. You do need some preparation for this play. Check them out on our website – CLICK HERE, blindfold your patient with bandages for an authentic touch. Your partner needs a thorough examination. If you want to heighten the senses then depriving your partner of a couple of senses certainly helps.

Using more bandages, tie wrists and ankles to your bed, making sure the binds aren’t so tight as to restrict circulation. (Please remember your SAFE WORDS). With your patient deprived of sight and the ability to move, you can tease mercilessly.  You must now examine your partner so let them hear the intriguing noises of the various instruments you’ve already laid out in your ‘surgery’.

Moving cutlery on a plate will create the sound effect of surgical steel tools on a tray. Also, let them hear the snap of latex gloves going on, and the squirting of lube. Lube is particularly useful if your patient is going to have an anal examination.

Proceed to play with his sense of touch by conducting various ‘examinations’: run the back of a cold spoon or ice over nipples to test reflexes, then suck them with your hot mouth; massage the labia or testicles with lube warmed in your hands then spread open the thighs; stroke a lubed finger across the perineum and watch to see if your partner opens their legs further to allow you inside.

By the time you decide to ‘cure’ your partner they’ll be in sensory overload and desperate to ‘get better’. Set them free, then tell them that all the medicine they need is between your legs.

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