Fetish Play Tip 2 – Sploshing

Fetish Play Tip 2 – Sploshing

Fetish Play Tip #2 – Sploshing

The next episode in our Vanilla tips to add a bit of fetish play to your sex life.

The Fetish: Sploshing

Sploshing is all about messy, very messy fun!

Smearing cream, lube, food or pudding all over one another. The adult version of a food fight. Sploshing is all about having messy fun. It is one of those thing we would never do as an adult and yet it is a fantastic way to release sexual inhibitions.

For anyone who spends their life in a business suit worrying about appearances and to completely let go and behave like a messy kid, rather than trying to impress, is wonderfully liberating.

Food can provide a fabulously squishy form of lubrication on your naked bodies when you slide around together. Just don’t forget not to insert anything into the genitals that may get stuck or affect the vagina’s PH Balance.

If you don’t have PVC sheets consider putting down plastic sheeting to protect the carpets! Foods to try should be squishy, soft and stain free! Chocolate pudding, warm (not hot) apple pie, cream, custard, banana, humus! Whatever tantalises your taste buds.

Tip: Master Chef Foreplay

Prepare an evening of erotic food-play with your partner. Protect surfaces, lay down waterproof sheets, plastic sheeting or a shower curtain on your bed, dining room table or floor, and then go to the supermarket together. But instead of regular shopping, look specifically for foods you’d like to rub on or lick off each other.

As you shop, whisper exactly what you’d like to do with that jam and where you want to squirt that whipped cream. By the time you hit the check-out, you’ll be rushing to get home and start dinner.

“Covering each other in food means you spend time licking places you might never have paid attention to before,” says fetish model-turned photographer Zille Defeu (ZilleDefeu.com), “and you’re bound to find new erogenous zones along the way.”

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