Design Faults

design faults

Design Faults

My partner has just lost weight. Not a lot – he is looking HOT and very desirable but there is a problem. Along with weight loss across his tummy he has also lost bulk on his pubic bone and this has made sex a little more difficult! Design Faults!

This got me to thinking about design faults. One day when I get to the pearly gates (and I know I’ll be welcome because I have made so many people happy!) I am going to have a discussion about design faults.

Women get a clitoris and for those of you who don’t know – it sits on top and not inside. Theoretically not a problem but when you consider that most women orgasm from Clit Stimulation rather than penetration – you have to wonder. Design Faults!

Men get a penis and they think that the harder they pump the better! NO – it’s the motion of the ocean and clit stimulation that does it for most of us.

Another design fault I battle to understand – it takes the average woman 15 to 20 minutes to orgasm, and if you’re on antidepressants like most of the Northern Suburbs – 40 minutes. A man at his very best – 5 minutes! I ask you with frustration in my …bones!

And my best of all – his P Spot – up his bum – really – UP HIS BUM!!

And why don’t men vibrate? Yes they can hum, but not long or hard enough definitely design faults.

Yup it’s going to be a long discussion. But now that I think about it I’d be out of business if these faults didn’t exist, so maybe I should just be grateful! And on that happy note – pack out the clit vibrators. Watch my video on Clit Vibrators on YouTube¬†


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