Condoms 101

Condoms 101

Condoms 101

Using them can be sexy! It’s all about your attitude and how you choose to put them on.

Condoms are readily available and so easy to use.  Not only do the help to prevent pregnancy and STDs but condoms can make sex even better.  Protection is important, but so is pleasure and condoms offer both!

Available in lots of different styles, shapes and textures that increase sensation for both parents, putting a condom onto your partner’s penis can be a very sexy part of foreplay – especially if you add lube.

Here are some useful tips and advise:

  • Use only latex or polyurethane. Natural skin (lamb intestine) condoms are not effective barriers to viruses. Do not use latex if you suffer from a latex allergy, try Skynn instead. Durex condoms have always been a popular choice.
  • When putting condoms on, pinch the air from the reservoir tip and roll onto the penis or toy. (A trapped air bubble can cause the condom to break.) Uncircumcised men should pull their foreskins back to help prevent the condom from slipping. A drop of lube inside the tip of the condom can enhance sensation for the wearer.
  • The actual variation in condom size is slight, but features vary between brands, so experiment to see which you like best!
  • Most are lubricated with either a wet, gel or a dry silicone powder.
  • Can’t stand the taste of the lubricant? Try a flavoured brand, Assegai or Pjur Range of Lubricants. You may also want to try using a water-based flavoured gel or lube.
  • Add only water based lubricant when using a condom during intercourse to reduce friction and the chance of breakage.

Female versions are available. For more on how to use it, read our article on Female Condoms under the Making Sex Better Category.

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