Clitoris 101: 3 Things Men Need to Know about the Clitoris

Clitoris 101: 3 Things Men Need to Know about the Clitoris

Clitoris 101
Enough seduction let’s talk about body parts and foreplay!
Very few men understand the art of love making, despite their egos thinking otherwise. So let us presume that you are a great lover but would you like to be a master lover and bring your partner earth shattering orgasms in bed?  

To start you need to be familiar with the female parts and despite what you see in porn movies the harder you bang doesn’t make you a good lover. It’s the clitoris that needs more attention. Even Oprah said so and we all know if Oprah said it – it has to be true.
Why it’s worth paying attention to the Clit
Which part of the body can be considered as their most erogenous zone?

For men, the answer to the question about the answer is easy: the penis.

All his sexual sensations are concentrated to that area below the hips and above the legs. For oral sex, as long as a woman agrees to go down on him, he’s bound to experience an orgasm no matter how long or short a time she’s willing to spend on giving you some oral love.

For women the answer is a bit more complicated. When it comes to her erogenous zones, there are breasts and a vagina that to focus on and let us not forget her biggest erogenous zone – her brain! 

The vagina, unlike the penis, can be considered as an unchartered territory for most men. The vagina is composed of different parts: the inner and outer labia or lips, the clitoris, and the G-spot which is located about a couple of inches inside the vaginal opening.

But one thing’s for sure: if you want to give that special woman in your life an orgasm that she’s not bound to forget anytime soon, you can go for either the clitoris or the G-spot or a combination of both. Today we are going to talk about the clitoris.

The top 3 things that you should know about the Clitoris
·         The anatomy of a clitoris
·         How to play with the clitoris
·         How to bring her to mind blowing sexual satisfaction
1. The anatomy of a clitoris

The clitoris is that tiny bud located just above the opening of her vagina, right at the top of her inner labia. On closer examination it looks like a miniature penis with a ‘foreskin’ called the clitoral hood. But this is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg!

Experts say that this is the only human organ which is solely dedicated to pleasure. So just imagine just how mind blowing the orgasm can be if you target this spot.

The clitoris is as packed with more sensitive nerve endings than penis and it becomes engorged when a woman is aroused. Don’t go straight for the clitoris. It can be extremely sensitive so she needs to be prepared.

These nerve ending run all the way around the labia towards the perineum and the more you stimulate her, the more engorged it becomes. Most women do require clitoral stimulation – whether it’s orally or though penetration – in order to achieve an orgasm and many orgasm from clitoris stimulation alone. 

So if you seriously want to improve your skills as a lover, now is as good a time as any to learn everything that there is to know about the anatomy of a clitoris.

2. How to play with the clitoris

Lelo Lily ideal clitoris stimulator
Remember that women need more than physical stimulation to be totally into having sex. Turn her on by using flirting glances, compliment her with your words and most importantly – never skip the foreplay. If you manage to get her as aroused as she can be before her clothes come off, the more intense things will be later on.

There are many ways for you to stimulate her clitoris. You can use your tongue and mouth, or your fingers. Start by caressing her legs while working your way towards her inner thighs.

There are a variety of different touch techniques that will make you an expert. It might be worth your while to watch a DVD called ‘Awakening the Goddess’ which shows you how in graphic detail.

Start by touching her outer vaginal lips before making contact with the area just above her clitoris, direct stimulation might be painful and every woman has her own ‘spot’.
You may be familiar with: cunnilingus. Using your mouth and your tongue, you can bring her to a mind blowing orgasm. You do however have to up your technique, but that’s for another day.

3. How to bring sexual fulfillment through clitoral stimulation

Vaginal intercourse alone is about as exciting for a woman as a bumpy ride in a beat up car despite what porn movies have taught you.
If you want to take her to new sexual heights, never take the clit for granted.
You do not come fitted with a Garmin so best you ask for directions! If she battles to tell you what she wants try to communicate by learning her body language so that you’ll know when to go faster or harder, when to stop or not stop. You can even try using a vibrator because let’s face it you cannot hum for 40 minutes.

Clitoral stimulation will be able to send that special woman in your life to greater sexual heights and give her the best ride of her life.

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