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Orgasms‚ the good, the bad and the great! Part 2

Part 2 How to find your Orgasm? So now we have identified some of the reasons you cannot orgasm we can try to help you along the path to great orgasms. The medical complications are the easiest to deal with. A visit to your GP, tweaking your medication, sorting out hormone ...


Romantic Date – Blind Date

Blindfold your partner and take them to a romantic restaurant or surprise cultural event. Keep the surprises going all evening. Arrange for the chef to come and say hello and deliver a special dessert. Get a special bottle of wine. Arrange for a backstage tour at the concert ...

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Bunnies & Eggs – LBD with a Difference!

April is all about Bunnies and Eggs – so before I go any further Happy Easter or a Blessed Passover– whichever one it is for you!April’s LBD (Little Black Dress- with a difference) Ladies Night had a photo booth available for all the Bunnies who wanted to play. Here are some ...


I’m going off the reservation today. I have this rage boiling inside of me that just needs an outlet – so here goes!What is it that makes people think that they can have what I do for free or that they are entitled to assume that I have lower morals than anyone else? (that’s ...

Inspirational crap and 2014

Inspirational Crap and 2014

Inspirational crap and 2014 There is so much inspirational crap out there – how to love yourself, better your relationship, how to be your own boss, make money, lose weight, be focused – I’m exhausted just thinking about the potential my life has and which ...

Sex with Tuesday?

Would you have sex with Tuesday? Tuesday is such a nothing kind of day. It has no personality, it just hangs around wanting some attention. Let us compare it to Monday. Monday is universally despised but it is the day of new beginnings. Monday is the day we start our diet, w ...

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