G Spot

Gee Whizz G-Spot

In search of the Gee Whizz G-Spot. Myths and legends    Never before has one little spot caused so much angst and dilemma for us girls. I would have loved to have been there when a Germangynecologist, Dr Ernest Gräfenberg discovered this spot in the 1950s. It was a HE and wh ...

Men & Anal Sex?

Why are men so interested in Anal Sex? Lola Montez recently had a Ladies Night called ‘Inside his Dirty Little Mind’’ and it goes like this:   We invite 5 common garden variety demographically correct men to the event (it’s the only time they are allowed into this sacred gro ...

Sex with Tuesday?

Would you have sex with Tuesday? Tuesday is such a nothing kind of day. It has no personality, it just hangs around wanting some attention. Let us compare it to Monday. Monday is universally despised but it is the day of new beginnings. Monday is the day we start our diet, w ...

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