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Ergonomically designed sex toys

Ergonomically designed Sex Toys

Ergonomically Designed Vibrators Who would have guessed that even sex toys could be ergonomically designed? There are several luxury brand manufacturers on the market who manufacture ergonomically designed toys. But what does ‘ergonomic’ mean? Human factors and e ...

U shaped adult toys

U Shaped Adult Toys

U Shaped Adult Toys – Perfect for couples Originally U shaped adult toys were usually dildos that do not vibrate. They were designed to stimulate the vagina and anus at the same time for maximum double penetration. Try the double mini dong. But recently with the develo ...

Birthday Lola Montez

Romantic Date – The Gift of Giving

The Gift of GivingThere are many ways to give in a relationship whether you make a gift of your time, talents, touch, attention, or financial resources.Sometimes it means giving up something you want for yourself like skipping an important event in order to be present at an ...

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