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clitoral toys

I am your clitoral toy

Clitoral Toy. Clitoral Toy. I am a clitoral toy and stimulator! I am going to provide you with a great deal of pleasure. You can use me with or without your partner. As a clitoral toy I am only meant for external stimulation, not for inserting into the vagina and definitely ...

Butterfly strap on

Butterfly Strap On Vibrators

Butterfly Strap On Vibrators Butterfly strap on vibrators and why you shouldn’t wear them while shopping! Have you heard the story of the woman who passed out in a shopping center because she was wearing her butterfly strap on vibrator? The story goes that the woman in ...

bullets and egg style vibrators

Bullets and Egg Style Vibrators

Bullets or Eggs – with or without cord. All time favourite first time vibrators, ideal for beginners and for couple play.    They fit into the hand and can be used to stimulate the genital area during foreplay and penetrative sex. Bullets work well on the clit, tip of the pe ...

Ergonomically designed sex toys

Ergonomically designed Sex Toys

Ergonomically Designed Vibrators Who would have guessed that even sex toys could be ergonomically designed? There are several luxury brand manufacturers on the market who manufacture ergonomically designed toys. But what does ‘ergonomic’ mean? Human factors and e ...

U shaped adult toys

U Shaped Adult Toys

U Shaped Adult Toys – Perfect for couples Originally U shaped adult toys were usually dildos that do not vibrate. They were designed to stimulate the vagina and anus at the same time for maximum double penetration. Try the double mini dong. But recently with the develo ...

searching for the g spot

G Spot Toys might help

G Spot Toys might help find that ever elusive G Spot! Anything with a shaft and curved tip is specifically designed for G-Spot stimulation. (Follow the Link to watch Sharon Gordon on YouTube talking about G-Spot Toys By a curved tip we mean it looks a bit like a crochet hook ...

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