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Better oral sex 1

Positions for the Best Oral Sex

I’m always writing about how we (the fairer sex) can improve their techniques for their partner’s maximum pleasure. So today we change it around. These positions are perfect for oral sex on us girls!I’m also going to cheat. There is absolutely no reason to ...

Top tips to being the Oral Sex Goddess!

It’s a GiftThis may come as a surprise but oral sex is a gift, not an obligation and as with any gift, if you don’t enjoy giving it, the value is greatly diminished. So either reconsider or learn some techniques that will make it pleasurable. Since it is a gift, you ar ...

Spell It – Date 4

Spell it out       Find a creative way to say ‘I love you’ – Spell it out, in every way possible.    Perhaps you could use shells or golf balls. Or before a romantic walk or drive strategically place a sign along the route.    Place a personal advert in the ...

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