Lola Montez

Top tips to being the Oral Sex Goddess!

It’s a GiftThis may come as a surprise but oral sex is a gift, not an obligation and as with any gift, if you don’t enjoy giving it, the value is greatly diminished. So either reconsider or learn some techniques that will make it pleasurable. Since it is a gift, you ar ...

Birthday Lola Montez

Romantic Date – The Gift of Giving

The Gift of GivingThere are many ways to give in a relationship whether you make a gift of your time, talents, touch, attention, or financial resources.Sometimes it means giving up something you want for yourself like skipping an important event in order to be present at an ...

Blow job some ideas

Blow Jobs – Some ideas.

Performing oral sex on a guy means you’re in control; it also means it must be enjoyable for you. If you’re being forced to go down on him, you won’t enjoy it and you won’t be able to give him the orgasm he dreams about. A blow job is a gift you give ...

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