Best Positions for Oral Sex 2

Best Positions for Oral Sex 2

Read yesterday’s blog for the first two positions that make cunnilingus delicious. 

Here are two more:

Sitting With Legs Spread Wide
Sit up on a couch or chair and spread your legs as wide as you can, making your entire genital area open to your partner. Have him kneel down or sit on the floor, about eye level with your vulva. He can reach you easily this way, both with his mouth and his hands – which comes in “handy” for fingering. This is actually a very comfortable position for both you and your partner, provided that you’re both at the right level. If either of you is stretching up or hunched down to get in this position, try to find another chair or place to sit where you can be more comfortable.

Variation: Try spreading your vaginal lips with your fingers while your partner goes down on you. Not only will he love having full access to your lady parts, he’ll also love how unabashed and naughty this move is.

On The Side
This too is one of the most comfortable oral sex positions both for the giver and the receiver. Lie on your side on the bed or couch and have your partner lie upside down behind you. He should be facing your rear. Lift up the leg that is not on the bed and hold it high either with your hands or with some kind of restraint (which could be even more fun with a little bondage!) He’s going to slide his head in between your legs, bringing his face around to meet your genitals. He can rest his head and neck on your thigh while he eats you out.

Variation: Once he’s going down on you, release your leg and rest it on his shoulders. This gives him less access to your vulva, but it does give your leg a rest!

Even more positions coming tomorrow!

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