Bend Over Boyfriend

Bend Over Boyfriend

Bend over Boyfriend – A Guide to Prostate Massage

Latex Gloves and Finger Cots

Fingers and hands are an important part of play and pleasure but they can also be a source of bacteria and viruses. To prevent any infection or simply to use as an extra dimension to play you can use Latex Gloves and Finger Cots.

  • Latex gloves are thin, resilient and transmit both sensation and temperature beautifully. They make rough hands with jagged nails sleek and smooth—especially important for anal play and as we know anal play is not just for him – so bend over Boyfriend!
  • Gloves make washing up between anal and vaginal play unnecessary— simply change your gloves.
  • Finger cots, which resemble mini-condoms, are convenient barriers when one finger is being used for penetration. Some finger cots are made from silicone and have a variety of ribbed edges for additional sexsation!
  • Always use a lubricant when attempting anal play. Remember the anus does not self lubricate! and as we always tell our clients, with lube and patience we can do virtually anything! Try Pjur Original Bodyglide. It never goes sticky and lasts forever.

Interested in learning more about anal play then why not download a FREE Guide to Prostate Massage or Bits and Butts.

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