Basic Instincts Pole Dance Competition

Basic Instincts Pole Dance Competition

 And the winner

Kessuree Srisroy! Congratulation – you were fantastic!

A special mention to the couple who danced. It was special and I don’t want to think about how difficult it is to do what they do together on the pole! Rayne Pole Junkie and Elzani du Toit.

My Nights in the Hot Seat by Qaanita Brown-de Bruyn

Beautiful bodies, sun-kissed tans, high heels, perfectly pointed toes, sparkly costumes, false eyelashes, carnival music, feats of athleticism, pristine Hollywood waxes and pink poles… This has been my life for the past three nights, as a judge on the panel of the Basic Instincts pole dance competition, held at Gallagher Estate in Midrand this weekend.

I was awed by the performers, who are able to command their bodies to move, flex and contort at will, into the most breathtaking manipulations.

As I watched them perform, I felt empowered in the knowledge that these women were continuing to change the old stigma of pole dance and taking it even further into the light, where it can be seen for the magnificent form of dance that it is. A form of dance that, like every sport, requires superior fitness, technique, flexibility, core muscle strength and tremendous amounts of discipline, commitment and passion.

I have been inspired by this experience and I dare you to join me as I start pole dancing with Basic Instincts, where I hope to rediscover my inner Goddess.

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