Babe Sex Doll -has everything you need for HOT loving

Babe Sex Doll -has everything you need for HOT loving

Babe Sex Doll!Babe Sex Doll- has everything you need for HOT loving!

I’ve been so serious the last few weeks that I am actually depressing myself. This week I’m going to tell you about Babe! Not the cute little piglet that got many of us to give up eating pork, but a sex doll I have affectionately called Babe.

My first vibrator was call BOB (battery operated boyfriend), so when I was thinking of a name for this remade model of an old idea BOG (battery operated girlfriend) didn’t really work!

The first sex dolls were allegedly made out of fabric by sailors for those long journeys.

I can neither confirm nor deny this allegation but it seems to make sense.

For years now we have been able to purchase blow up dolls in various shapes and colours. You have also been able to purchase sheep (thinking of you Larry!) and donkeys. I have to say that the animal varieties are usually bought for bachelor parties.

Naomi the night nurse always does well because she has a very sexy outfit but her gaping mouth always put me off and she smelt a bit like plastic but now we have a more realistic version. I have called her Babe.

Babe looks real. She is manufactured from medical TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer). It’s the material currently taking the adult industry by storm. It feels like skin and absorbs body heat, so she will feel like a real person in a matter of minutes. These dolls have a stainless steel skeleton, but she is not rigid. She is a bit like a Barbie Doll, you can bend her into any position including those Kama Sutra positions we have always wanted to try but have never had the flexibility to try.

Babe weighs 48kg, a bit like the skinny girl next door and she comes (no pun intended) in two colours, black and white and you can use all three orifices. She is easy to clean and with proper care can last lifetime or at least as long as the average relationship!

She doesn’t vibrate, but that is easily solved with a bullet vibrator held in appropriate places. She doesn’t talk. Now some would say that this is a pro but I think it’s a big con especially if you are using her to practice technique.

She should be able to say ‘A little to the left, slow down or the clitoris needs more attention!’ Otherwise how will you ever know?

Now why would you want this top of the range virtual girlfriend? Well maybe you are a sailor or living in a remote part of the world and need a bit of loving but I think she can be useful in so many different ways.

Girls use vibrators with or without our partners. It has been a wonderful way to explore our sexuality, our likes and dislikes and I would suggest that Babe can be used for exactly the same reasons. You can practise your technique and gain some sexual confidence.

If you suffer from sexual anxiety or premature ejaculation, Babe will help you practise and get your confidence levels back up.

Ever wanted a threesome, well here is the opportunity to explore the fantasy without having to actually find someone who wants to play with you and then having to deal with all the logistics of arranging it.

For spinal injury patients it is alleged that sexual activity as soon as possible after the accident is vital for continued sexual functioning. I believe these dolls can make the process far easier.

I also think that these dolls will make fabulous sex surrogates. It is a way to practise techniques and live out fantasies without having to deal with consequences of rejection and failure. It is here that I wish she could speak and give feedback. I have no doubt that the next generation will make provision for this. I can get my watch to tell me all sorts of information when I run so I don’t think we are too far away.

I also think that we will see her work with virtual reality apps in the near future. Fleshlight is already working on this technology.

So where can you find Babe? There are several versions available. The world’s leading sex doll brand ‘Real Doll’, is not available in South Africa but these dolls can be customised from nipple size and colour to eye colour. She will set you back about R150 000.00!

Luckily for us there is a cheaper version available for about R20 000.00. She cannot be customised but she is everything you need. Babe is available from several adult stores including Lola Montez, but the biggest variety is available from LuvLand. Check out their website.

Babe and I wish you a sexy week. For more info or question email me





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